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Over 15 Years Wedding Planning and Event Design Experience

Happy Beginnings!

I'm Mike Winship, owner and operator of Winship Productions.

I'd like to share with you my 15 years of wedding planning experience in beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina. We will go through the entire planning process together, creating an enjoyable and stress-free experience assuring you that when your special day arrives you'll be confident knowing that all details have been taken care of. 

Why do I need a Full Service Wedding Planner?

Thousands of couples agree that hiring a wedding planner is more of a necessity then a luxury. Let’s face it, Google and wedding websites have answers and general suggestions but they are not specific to your wedding day needs, vision and budget.

Let’s get started …

Have you started looking for wedding venues? 

Let’s assume you want to attempt planning your wedding on your own, shall we? You go to Google and do a Charleston SC venue search, you come up with pages of options and think that’s it, but it’s not.

So... you then contact venues on your list to ask about available dates to set up a tour and  they tell you they do not offer tours on the weekends because of ongoing events and you have to come during the week when it suits their schedule not yours!

At this point you’re not feeling the love, but understanding this is the most important part of wedding planning you take 1-3  days off. Y’all hop on a plane or in the car with hopes of booking your venue by days end. Yikes, you’ve just taken the entire day off, drove all around Charleston SC and have only visited 4-5 venues and haven't found a venue. Now what?

Let’s break this down…

Google venue search = 4 hours

Contacting all venues via email and phone to set up a site tour = 5 hours

Visiting venues on your day off = 8 hours x 2 days = 16 hours

Total= 25 hours

Hiring Michael Winship as your Wedding Planner + Piece of mind = Priceless...

Please allow me before being contracted to show you my capabilities by helping you find a wedding venue based primarily on your vision,budget, and guest count with no strings attached. 

My philosophy is simple..."Never lose focus of the marriage while planning your wedding"