Tips for a Summer Wedding

Summer is a perfect season for a beautiful outdoor wedding. But this sunny season can be fickle, so here are some tips on how to host your very own perfect summer wedding! Have your florist make a back up boutonniere- in case your flowers get a case of the wilts

Consider using fans as your programs. Also have parasols for your female guests. 

Try to stay away from saying your nuptials during the hottest hours of the day. Avoid 10-3pm unless you’re in a comfy shaded pavilion

Dress the part-use waterproof and lightweight makeup. Linen suits, or opt for the no suit jacket look.

Take advantage of the beautiful flora that summer provides. Give your wedding a pop of color with bold yellow sunflowers or daisies. Choose décor that will hold up in the heat!

Choose light foods that won’t leave your guests feeling heavy. Sticking with seasonal fruits and veggies can lighten up the palate.

Keep the cake indoors! No confection can withstand the heat…well, no edible confection can withstand the heat. So bring your cake indoors! Set up a dessert table to entice your guests into the AC!

Avoid this:

Melted Wedding Cake
Melted Wedding Cake

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding Menu

How to plan your perfect wedding menu Don’t feel forced into a blasé sit down dinner based on old traditions. There are unlimited options for your wedding menu. Your caterer will be there to help guide you when you’re making your food choices, but here are a few to spark some ideas:

Incorporate childhood favorites. Dress up your favorite comfort foods for your friends and family to enjoy. Who says mac and cheese can’t be fancy? Try a “do it yourself” mac and cheese bar!

Keep it local and seasonal. Not only will this reduce your overall food cost, but it will ensure that your guests get a guaranteed fresh and high quality meal. Look for caterers that source locally and organically.

Think about the atmosphere you want to create with the food you’re serving. Will you be having a lot of speeches? Consider having a buffet or sit down dinner where your guests can sit comfortably and listen to everyone’s speech.

More things to consider:

How long is your reception? Think about serving a passed appetizer as a midnight snack.

Let your food set the mood. If you have a crowd that loves to dance, keep the food light.!

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Signature Wedding Cocktails


What better way to cool off your guests than a customized cocktail? This personal touch at the bar is sure to be a hit, and the best part is, you can tailor it to your favorite drink! Does your beau love whiskey and you love peach schnapps? Why not have both a Bride and a Groom’s drink?

There are unlimited options for your signature drink, so have fun with creating it! Think of cute names, have them go with your wedding theme, or just stick to the basics. Think fresh and light for the season, and incorporate the tastes you love. Have your bartender post a sign with your drink so everyone can have a taste of your favorite adult beverage (everyone of age that is!).


Happy Beginnings! Mike

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It's the Little Things that Count

One thing you do not want is to wake up unprepared on your wedding day. This is where having a wedding planner can keep you on track. Our middle name is Prepared...ok so it legally isn't, but it should be! We have the kitchen sink, and more in our bridal emergency kits, but here are some things for you to remember BEFORE your wedding day: Pack an overnight bag. No one wants a walk of shame in their tux and wedding gown, so be sure to pack a bag with clothes for your wedding night and next day. Some couples leave directly from the hotel to their honeymoon, so make sure you're all packed up prior to last minute. And don't forget the necessities like phone chargers and cameras!


Speaking of honeymoons, if you are going out of the country, don't forget your passport! Last thing you want to do is call your mom and ask her to run it to the airport. She will hold this over your head. I repeat, do not forget your passport!


Write your vows and speech down. If you're not exactly an 'off the cuff' kind of person, write it down! That way you don't need to stress about forgetting what to say. And don't worry, no one will judge you for reading off a paper, it's what you say that counts!

If you are exchanging a bride and groom gift,or giving your bridesmaids or groomsmen little trinkets of appreciation, pack them with your 'get-ready' bag. This way, you'll remember to bring them along!

Eat!!!! Please, this is especially important. No one wants you passing out at the alter, so have a hearty breakfast, or at the very very least, a few snacks to keep your energy up !

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Incorporating Long Tables in your Wedding Floor Plan

Seaside Dining Splendor

Seaside Dining Splendor

To create a more intimate reception for your wedding try using long tables in your floor plan. Long tables are perfect when you’re a little short on space. They won’t suit every wedding venue, but when you can incorporate long tables, the overall aesthetic can be wonderful.

Plantation Family Style -Legare Waring

Plantation Family Style -Legare Waring

Long tables can be a great way to keep your groups of friends and families together without creating an air of separation with your guests.Long tables are classic and simple, and can create symmetry within your reception space. Dressed with linen and centerpieces, they can be that subtle elegant touch you've been looking for.

Backyard Wedding Brunch

Backyard Wedding Brunch

Happy Beginnings,  Mike

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FAQ When Planning a Wedding


When to apply for a marriage license:

In South Carolina, there is a 24 hour waiting period for all marriage licenses, so if you’re getting married on a weekend, be sure to sign up for your Charleston Marriage License on a Thursday and it will be ready on Friday!  Please remember if you cannot apply until Friday it will be ready for you the following Monday.

How can I stay on budget?

Staying on budget depends solely on you! If you have a wedding budget, it should be fairly easy to keep your finances on track. Its also a great idea to map out your “Must haves” and “Wants” list, and be completely honest with yourself on both! I would suggest, ceremony and reception sites, catering, bar, photographer, band or d.j., floral and decor, cake and sweet treats

How can I cut wedding costs?

This ties a lot into your budget. Once you have your lists of “Needs” completed , you can go shopping for the best prices in town for everything that checks off your list. This is when having a wedding planner comes in handy, because they usually have a list of ‘preferred vendors’ who have proved reliable, and fair, to whom they can refer you to.

How can I plan for wedding day weather?

This is always a big one for outdoors weddings. If you are having an outdoor wedding, HAVE A RAIN OR INCLIMATE WEATHER PLAN B!!! Go over your rain plan with everyone involved in the wedding party. Consider having a time to make an executive decision to move your ceremony site. There is a lot to think of when rain is looming over your big day, but there is no need to stress if you have a plan!


Happy Beginnings,  Mike

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Wedding Invitations

Picking out wedding invitations can be an exciting time in the wedding planning process! The style of a wedding usually determines the degree of formality of the invitation. When wording your wedding invitations there are certain guidelines that apply.

Here are a few friendly tips to keep in mind when wording your wedding invitations!!

  • ~The first names to appear on an invitation should be those of people paying for the wedding.
  • ~ All names, the date, and the time should be written out in full.
  • ~ If the year is used, it is traditional to spell it out. For example, 2015 should be "two thousand andfifteen"
  • ~ Traditional wording for a religious ceremony is "the honor of your presence." Wording for the reception is "the pleasure of your company".
  • ~ It is important to mail the wedding invitations between four and six weeks prior to the wedding. Allow as many as eight to ten weeks for summer or holiday weddings.
  • ~ Always send self- addressed, stamped response cards with the invitations! This encourages people to send in their RSVP's, which is very important.
  • ~ Remember to include a "Respond by" date on the card, this encourages guests to respond immediately.
  • ~If a choice of entrees for dinner will be offered, this may also be listed on the response cards.
  • ~ Write the guests' names and address on the outer envelope. The names of the people invited to the ceremony should be written on the inner envelope.
  • ~Maps and directions to the ceremony and reception sites should be printed clearly and photocopied for inclusion with a formal invitation.

After the invitations have been ordered and have arrived for pick up, it is IMPORTANT to proofread the invitation before mailing them out to your wedding guests! When proofreading, the following things should be closely checked!

  • ~ Are the style and color what you ordered?
  • ~ Are all names spelled correctly?
  • ~ Are titles such as Dr. used properly?
  • ~ Are there periods after all abbreviations?
  • ~ Are the proper words capitalized?
  • ~ Are the date and time of the wedding correct?
  • ~ Are the day, time, and year fully written out?
  • ~ Are the address of the wedding site and reception correct?
  • ~ Are the directions correct?
  • ~ Is the type style correct?
  • ~ Is the type the right size?

Congratulations, you have successfully sent out your wedding invitations! Hope you have enjoyed our friendly tips!

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Writing Your Own Weddings Vows

In the United States over two million wedding ceremonies are held every single year. …But one fact remains. Each and every single one of these weddings is guaranteed to include one element: the bride and groom,  and in this ritual that unites husband and wife together as a couple in the eye of the lord and in the view of the law, the exchange of vows really is the very heart and soul of the entire ceremony.


The wedding vows are verbal articulations of the happy couple’s feelings for one another, ‘for better or for worse’. Physically making the vow can be as simple as “Will you marry me”: “I will”.

Couples often go into great detail when making their wedding vows before the actual ceremony. This can take many forms, and depends on the individual couple! Sometimes the couple use traditional vows that have been written by another person, and are used in churches, the length and breadth of the country on a daily basis. And sometimes the happy couple decides to write their own personal vows for one another, these are my personal favorites!

Of course it is a wonderfully romantic idea for a couple to decide to write your own wedding vows. In fact, this is becoming an increasing popular phenomenon as time goes by. Hover, it is not as easy as it may seem. Even the most expressive and creative person can find it hard to express exactly what they are trying to communicate to their lover. Remember, these words will not only mean more to your lover than any before, but they will also be articulated in the most public of scenarios. The pressure is on! But never fear, as help is at hand


If you find that you are struggling to get the wording absolutely perfect, there are many specialists readily available to guide you. On the Internet alone there are many different companies that offer affordable and effective services to ensure that you can express your eternal love for one another perfectly.

Each company has a different stance - from using freelance writers to write personalized messages as guidelines for your development, to suggested frameworks for the actual structure of the vow, and possible adjectives alongside. It is a good idea to have a really good browse through these websites before committing yourself to them - but when you do; the chances are that you will be guaranteed word perfect result that will express all of your hearts desire, and more.

Happy Beginnings,  Mike

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Do it Youself Wedding Decor

Are you a Pinterest lover like we are?? Honestly, who does not love the creative and unique ideas you run across on Pinterest that you feel you MUST have at your wedding? Or you may be on a somewhat tight budget, or maybe you just want to be able to keep something from your wedding as a reminder of the day you married your true love. Well guess what! You can do it all yourself and make it look fabulous!! We have noticed a new trend lately in that couples tend to use ideas they may have gathered on wedding websites or saw at a previous wedding and use it for their own. For instance, we recently planned a wedding for a couple that got married at The Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation, located in historic Charleston who had an assortment of DIY ideas for their wedding that turned out beautifully!

The couple had a photo booth set up at the reception with different color hearts hanging from the wall to use as a backdrop. They provided an assortment of props for the guests to have fun with, which provided very good entertainment!

Happily ever after
Happily ever after

You may often see a lot of recent weddings that use the window pane to write the drink menu, a black chalkboard to write the dinner menu, “Happily Ever After” signs made out of wood and paint, and providing their own décor to decorate throughout the venue, for example, initials have seemed to be a very trendy and popular thing that couples are doing today.

Just Married
Just Married
Mantle decor
Mantle decor

These are just a few ideas for those of you looking to have some DIY at your wedding. The list goes on and on! You may consider creating your own save the dates or invitations, guest favors, signs, there are so many things to choose from!

Wedding planners love to see how involved the couple gets in their wedding and how creative they can be! But it is important to remember to not get too carried away and lose focus on what is really important! We want this experience to be as fun as possible for the couple!!

Happy Beginnings! Mike

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Where Do I Begin With Planning a Wedding?

Wedding planning whether it here in Charleston S.C. or from the comfort from your home can seem like an overwhelming process — with so many details to take care of and options to choose from, where does one begin? Well we have the answer, Yupper you guessed it! The internet has become a popular source of information for ideas, advice and a helpful tool to get and stay organized, while enabling you to share with your wedding planner, family and friends.

So let’s get started…

Let’s start with the two most important things, you’re wedding date and securing a Ceremony and Reception venue. Simply do a Google search for your destination city and hold on to your seats. Not so fast! We recommend seeking out the right wedding planner who can express the in’s and out’s of each venue while translating the contractual jargon at the same time, or perhaps joining a chat room or forum for helpful info.

Next in order of preference we highly recommend seeking wedding planning vendors who take your thoughts, vision, dreams, and budget and make it a reality. Start with the “Meat and Potatoes” of Wedding Planning vendor’s .What I mean is, you should ask yourself “What do I need not want for your big day. These are what should be on your needs list.Caterer and Bar,Photographer,Floral / Décor ,Band or DJ, Cake and Sweet Treats.

Do your homework when seeking out vendors you are not familiar with. Referrals should be a must as well as a good open line of communication. Did they promptly return or email or phone call or did they just send you to their website? We truly believe in the motto “You only get one chance to make a first impression”.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Creative Wedding Favors

The wedding day is a wonderful opportunity to show your friends and family your personality as a couple.  Let your personality shine through with the theme of the wedding, style and design and as your guests depart from your event, with your favors. What a lovely way to show each guest your appreciation for them sharing this special day with you.  Why not show your creativity and personal flair!

I’ve seen mints, drink koozies, bags, sandals for the beach, glasses, box matches and countless other keepsakes.  However, most people find they have enough “stuff” so therefore I suggest to couples favors the guests can eat! How about a local southern  favorite bag of Benne Wafer's or mini bottle of Charleston's own Firefly Vodka?  We also enjoy the idea of mini bags of grits with a Shrimp and Grits recipe attached as seen by Cru Catering photo below

A big hit that's fun and interactive are “Candy Bars”.  A table lined with beautifully ornate glassware and jars filled with different candies all in the wedding colors or theme.  Guests love this as they can snack through the event and take some for the trip home!

Seasonal treats are splendid!  For example, if you’re getting married in the fall what better thing to eat than apples; expand that and get creative and you could have hand rolled candied apples!  Each guest will have the chance to create their perfect candied apple.  

A table lined with glass jars full of crushed walnuts, m&ms, chocolate chips, fun sprinkles, coconut and more; warm caramel, white chocolate sauce and chocolate fudge simmering, waiting for the dunking.  This is not only creative, but serves as a clever late night dessert station as well!  They can be eaten immediately or wrapped and taken home as a fun memory of the recent event.

Get creative, be clever and your guests will love taking those favors home; and bonus, they’ll be talking about it for years!

Happy Beginnings, Mike


Wearing Your Something Blue

Wearing your Something Blue for your wedding? Here are a few creative ways to do it!


Wearing blue shoes is a somewhat new trend for brides, but what better excuse to go buy new shoes?

In your hair

When you're getting your hair done why not have your stylist put a little something blue in your do?


For the adventurous bride, you can spice up your something blue by tinting your veil!

Dreamy Blue Veil 

Dreamy Blue Veil 

A Little Blue in your Wedding Dress

A personal favorite for the daring! Ask your gown designer or seamstress to sew a blue heart or your wedding date in blue thread into your gown.

Blue Bouquets!

Use your wedding flowers to your advantage! Ask your florist to use an array of blue flowers for your bride bouquet.



Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Rehearsal Dinner Checklist

Meet and Greet

Your rehearsal dinner is a chance for the entire wedding  party to be all in one place at the same time before your wedding day. This is a great time for everyone to get to know one another throughout the evening on a more casual level.




...and by rehearsing, I mean rehearsing the processional and recessional of the ENTIRE wedding party.

This is after all, what ‘rehearsal’ stands for! Your wedding planner will have a list of your processional and recessional order, and they will be there the next day directing people where to go. This is also a time for your wedding party to become familiar with the wedding planner, so they know who’s direction to follow the following night. Eliminating any surprises is ALWAYS in your best interest.

Speeches and Toasts

Many couples are choosing to forego the traditional speech segment of their wedding night and instead are asking speeches to be made at the rehearsal dinner. Being surrounded by your closest family, and friends, who know all of the inside jokes can make their words even more touching.

Gifts for the Wedding Party

If you have purchased or made gifts for your bridal party, now’s the time to hand them out!

Your rehearsal dinner can be so much more than a stuffy formality. It’s a time for some quality interaction with close friends and family, since you will most likely be pulled in a few different directions the next day.

Fun tip: Plan your rehearsal dinner with your wedding in mind. You don’t want to take any of the wow factor away from your wedding venue. Think opposites if that’s helpful. If you are having an outdoor plantation wedding then about hosting the rehearsal dinner at a downtown location.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Your wedding guest book is a log of warm wishes from your guests. This will be something y'all  will set out, usually in a high traffic place, to be seen by all your friends and family to encourage everyone to jot down some thoughts and prayers for the marriage.

In the past, the guest book was just that...a book. But now more and more couples are choosing to branch out and use alternatives! 

Notes to the bride and groom written and sealed off in a vintage suitcase

They say a picture says a thousand words, so why not let your guestbook be photos of your guests?

Create a custom sign in book with photos from your engagement shoot

Let your guests have a little fun with your custom wedding mad libs!

Happy Beginnings! Mike

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Wedding Planning Basics

When planning your wedding, sometimes it seems like the work is never done. And with social wedding websites  popping up everywhere, the focus seems to be placed more so on the details than the backbone of wedding itself! So if the creative side of your brain is going crazy, give it a rest! There are ways to plan every detail of your dream wedding without losing all your hair in the process. My suggestion to all couples is to make a checklist of the necessities. Crossing off these items will keep you on track and keep planning less of an obligation and more fun!

The Date

One of the most important details of the wedding you and your fiancé have to decide upon is the actual date of the wedding. This should be taken care of first. What is your idea for your perfect day? A Late spring or early fall should be your best bet to avoid the hot weather.

The Budget

Before you start to make your plans, you must have a budget. Know how much you want to spend for each detail of your wedding. With the average wedding costing approximately what you have to spend you want to budget for each detail so you don’t find yourself over extending. Wedding Planner tip: STICK TO YOUR BUDGET! Last thing you want to do is create stress because you’re spending money not initially planned for.

The Guestlist

It is very important to talk with your future spouse about the size of your wedding that you both have in mind. Be sure that you are both on the same page of what to expect, and it will eliminate hard decisions about cousins and uncles or friends on the list.

The Venue

Where your wedding will take place. Looking for a place to have your wedding certainly is important and it is also the biggest chunk of your budget besides your honeymoon. To save money, look for venues which offer discounts for events held off season and other non-peak times.

The Photographer

Sure your friends and family will be taking pictures, but for this special occasion you will want to consider a professional because you want something very special, lasting and visually presentable. Sure, Instagram and facebook updates are allowed but don’t let them be our only wedding album.

Extra Help

Some couples also look to seeking wedding planners who take your thoughts, vision, dreams, and budget and make it a reality. Not quite sure how a wedding planner will benefit you? 

Of course, the food, the entertainment, the flowers, the centerpieces and the dress/tuxes will all come in due time, but trust me, if you get these checked off, you'll be ready for a wedding in no time.  Hope this helps you get started!

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Wedding Reception Departure Ideas

Grand departures are quickly becoming a staple in any wedding timeline. How do you want to leave your last impression on your wedding day? Take a look at these creative ways to scoot out of yourwedding reception .

Give each of your guests a sparkler, a hand full of rose petals or some dried lavender for a creative flare on a traditional send off. Or jet off in a classic car that you've always had your eye on. How about a midnight water ride? Hop on a boat and jet off into the night. Whether you're walking, running, or dancing off-  Line 'em up before you ship off to your first night as husband and wife!

Happy Beginnings! Mike

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Wedding Gowns - Dress to Impress

The wedding date is set and now it is time to find the perfect wedding dress! But how to choose which style best fits you, when there are so many to choose from! Check out some of our beautiful CharlestonS.C. brides in several different types of wedding gowns!

In recent years the strapless gown has become quite popular.

The neckline of a halter gown features a wide strap that connects the two sides of the dress behind the back of the neck.

The column or also sometimes referred to as the sheath gown is a straight, narrow dress that hugs the body. It is very elegant and sophisticated.

The laced neckline is a beautiful and sophisticated gown; they have also become quite popular in recent years!

On your wedding day, we want you to feel absolutely comfortable and stress free! Having the perfect wedding gown is essential to a perfect day!

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Wedding Do's & Don'ts

We have compiled a list of do's & don'ts for you on your wedding day! There is so much planning that goes into your wedding, and a combination of nerves and other mixed feelings might deter yourself away from enjoying one of the most important and memorable days in your life! Take a glance at our list, and remember on your wedding day, enjoy every moment of it!

  • Do~ "Be a guest at your own wedding. Be in the moment the day of. Even though you've been anticipating and planning, don't analyze and fixate on if it's going according to plan or on what's coming next. Be present and enjoy the celebration as it comes. That will make the day stick best in your memory and allow you to actually enjoy it and have fun!"
  • Don't~"...wear too much makeup. We guarantee you will absolutely stunning and gorgeous on your wedding day, and you do not want to constantly be worried about fixing makeup, or makeup running."
  • Do~ "Hire a GREAT photographer...not good, but great. Even if you keep it simple, there is nothing more worth the expense than beautiful images to share and look back on. These are the pictures that will remind you of this perfect day forever!"
  • Don't~ "...go overboard splurging on your dress. Especially when you're going to be the most glowing, stunning woman in the room, no matter WHAT you wear."
  • Do~ "Make sure you still look and feel like yourself! On your wedding day, you want to enjoy every moment, and you do not have time to be worried about the small things. If you feel wonderful then the rest of the day will be wonderful too!"
  • Don't~ ...put yourself into debt to throw a blowout wedding. Too many couples think they need to wow everyone with a fancy affair and spend money they don't have to create this ideal 'fairy-tale' wedding. Don't lose sight of the fact of what's really important in all of the planning: Your commitment to each other and declaring that promise in front of all of your loved ones."
  • Do~ "Take a day or two to decompress after the wedding hoopla and before your honeymoon to just enjoy each other and get used to being husband and wife before jetting off."
  • Don't~ ...forget you love your family. There's going to be drama of some kind — either they're too involved or not involved enough. Just remember, on the day of the wedding you will be happy to have them there to share this moment with you!"
  • Do~ "Play an UPBEAT song when you walk back down the aisle. After your first kiss — and the applause and cheers from your loved ones — the energy in the room is so exciting that a slow romantic song might feel out of place."
  • Don't~ " a bridezilla. There is nothing uglier than a stressed-out, grumpy bride. Roll with the punches and try to enjoy every minute of the event even if things don't go according to plan…because they never do!"
  • Do~ "Make the wedding a weekend. More than half of our guests had to fly in from places all over the country!  Give everyone a full weekend to really enjoy ourselves and give yourself enough time to spend with them."
  • Don't~ "...freak out if things don't go as planned. For instance, if your cake doesn't look quite like it was supposed to, hopefully, it at least tastes good! Just remember, everybody will have an amazing time at your wedding, so relax and enjoy your day."
  • Do~ "Have an amazing wedding day and enjoy these moments with your closest friends and family! Live in the moment, dance your heart away, and enjoy every last second of it! This is YOUR day!!"

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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When the Weather Outside is Frightful....

When the weather outside is frightful… Charleston SC is known for its beaches, its charm, and its people. It’s also unfortunately known for its unpredictable weather. One moment the sun is shining and all is right with the world, and then you turn around to face some pretty ominous clouds coming your way. This can be rather tricky to plan around for a wedding, BUT! Don’t fret, we have some helpful tips if it rains on your wedding day!

There’s truly no need to stress over having a little rain on your wedding day. Be decisive about where you will have your ceremony (if it’s outside, have it outside! No one will melt, we promise), trust that your vendors will know what to do, and breathe….you know I hear somewhere it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day!

Tip for Prevention: If your event is outdoors, think of using Hay as seating. The hay will soak up the water and will prevent mud from forming. If you have a tent, think of lining the tent’s perimeter for extra protection.

Things to remember: Towels! Towels are absolutely necessary if you will have a rainy day. You’ll need them to wipe down chairs, and to sop up wet entry ways.

Grab some umbrellas! This should go without saying, but you’ve put so much time into the way you will look on your wedding day, make sure you’re protected! It would also be a nice touch to have a stash of umbrellas for your guests as well. Do you have ushers? Send them to greet your guests at their cars with umbrellas and walk them to their seats.

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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Bridesmaids Dresses

When planning your wedding, picking the wedding colors can be an exciting time! The bridesmaids dresses make the single greatest color statement of the wedding because the bride's gown is typically white or off-white. This color scheme should influence the choice of flowers, table arrangements, table linens, china and cake decorations.

When the bride is selecting her color scheme, there are certain things she should consider. What are her favorite colors? What color or shades of color work best with the complexions and hair colors of her maid of honor and bridesmaids? What styles of dresses will be most flattering to her attendants' figures? Which styles are most in line with the degree of formality of the wedding?


Here are a few friendly tips a bride should keep in mind when choosing her made of honor and bridesmaids dresses.

  • *Bridesmaids' dresses should be similar in formality to the brides gown. Hems should fall at the same place on each bridesmaid.
  • *When the bridesmaids' figure types vary quite a bit, it is appropriate to select different styles of dresses for each, but in the same fabric or color.
  • *The mad of honor can wear a color or style that is different from that of the bridesmaids.
  • *The bride may choose different color bridesmaids dresses in the same style, or same shades if she thinks it will be more flattering to the complexions of her bridesmaids.

Being able to share your special day with your best girl friends is such an amazing memory for all.

Hope you have enjoyed taking a peek back to our previous Bridesmaids dresses . On your wedding day, what colors and styles will you choose?!

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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