Non-Norms for a Unique Wedding

Let’s face it, typical is boring. And typical is definitely not a representation of you. So why would you subject yourself and your loved ones to a typical wedding? Puppy Love Your pup is part of your family. Your dogs eat with you, they sleep with you, and they’re always good for a snuggle when you’re having a bad day. They’ve been through everything with you, so why not make them a part of your special day? Strap a bowtie on Fido and tell him to walk down the aisle. It will make for some incredible pictures and your guests will have a ball!

Flower Granny Are you especially close to your grandparent or have an elder mentor of sorts? Someone truly special should have an important role in your ceremony. So skip the long winded reading and invite grandma to show off her lively spirit by tossing a few rose petals!

I Now Pronounce You.. Is the thought of hiring a stranger to officiate your wedding off-putting? Some of the people who know you best will be standing next to you at the alter anyway, so why not invite them to stand between you and your future Mr.or Mrs.and do the deed themselves! It makes for a fantastic wedding present, and if anything, a great memory!

Happy Beginnings, Mike

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